So apparently Microsoft showed off Windows 7 today and PCPRO ran through the new features. It seems they have finally come in to the 21st century and added snapping windows! Ho-ly-crap! I am so excited I’ve already pre-ordered Windows 7 Uber-Ultimate-Fuck-Me-in-the-Ass Edition! Man is this gonna be great! Oh, and they have revamped the taskbar, taking inspiration from the Mac OS X dock! Oh, I just can’t contain myself… The also added “Jump Lists” – basically allowing an application to override the default context menu on its task bar entry and add frequently used options. Haven’t applications always been able to do this? I know cmd.exe annoys the piss out of me when it is not responding and I right click on its task bar entry and go to the first item in the context menu which is normaly close, but is now Properties… Oh joy! Can’t wait to look forward to another stellar Microsoft OS.